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Lincs Soul Collective

When I’m not choir leading, I sing as part of Lincs Soul Collective who are a group of musicians from around Lincolnshire who have got together to make, as Arthur Conley once said, Sweet Soul Music.  When we’re all together, we are a 9 piece band bringing fun and soul to any event.  We can provide musicians for a range of events, from small functions to large wedding receptions.  Whether you need a vocalist and a pianist for a laid back daytime function, or a full band to dance the night away, we have music, and musicians, to suit every occasion.

All good music stimulates your emotions and some music is good for the mind.  Soul music though goes straight to your heart and moves out from there.  It is impossible not to move to it and impossible not to be moved by it and that’s why every member of the Lincs Soul Collective (LSC) loves to play it and why we know you will love to listen.  We are available for bookings and guarantee that whatever your event it will have a whole lot of soul.

For bookings or more information contact us:

[email protected]

David: 07910 840089

Liz: 07713 746679

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