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Online Singing Members Area – additional resources for those involved with the online singing sessions

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If you need the password and want to join us, then please email or ring/text Liz on 07713 746679

Online Singing members’ area 

Singing together!

We come to choir for many reasons and only one of these is to sing together.  I’m very aware that although singing may be the thing that gets folk in the door, choir soon becomes a lot more than just singing.   So in these challenging times I am going to do a number of things to make sure you can keep singing!

1 – YouTube teaching videos – On a Tuesday I will be posting a new song for you to learn.  These songs will then be covered in our regular sessions and will form the basis of our repertoire once we are back together (thinking positive!)

2 – Zoom choir sessions – Each choir will have their own online singing session and there is also a session on a Wednesday evening at 7pm that is open to everyone

Any resources, words or sheet music will be on the members area of the website (check your emails for the password)

YouTube Sessions

I post a variety of videos, some are long, some are short, some will be songs you can learn or recap if you already know them. I cannot hear you singing, so you can sing away to your hearts content without any worry!  These videos will  be available on my YouTube channel so you can access them at any time.


Zoom Online Singing

Zoom singing sessions replace our normal face to face sessions as well as an additional session being held on a Wednesday evening at 7pm.

We use ZOOM as the platform to keep in touch and to stay connected.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to allow us to sing at the same time as each other due to latency (time delay).  You will be able to hear me, loud and clear, on your devices.  Sadly, I won’t get to hear you as you will all have to mute your mics or all your voices will be slightly out of time with each other.

I’ve written out some instructions below on how to, first of all, download (get) ZOOM on your devices and then how to create an account so that you can use it.

Here are some, hopefully easy to understand, instructions as to how to use ZOOM.  You can install and use it on any of these devices:  smartphone, Ipad, laptop, pc/ desktop computer.  I’m not very techy but if you need some extra support with this, let me know.  My phone number is 07713 746679

On PC / Laptop

  1. Go to and click on the blue Download button
  2. Click on the little box in left hand corner of your screen called ‘Zoominstaller.exe’

On Ipad/ Apple devices

  1. Open the App store,
  2. Search for ZOOM Cloud Meetings.
  3. Click on Get.

On mobile phone

  1. Open Playstore
  2. Search for Zoom
  3. Click on Download

Then follow the instructions below

Once you have downloaded the AP, click on the blue badge Sign up, it’s free

Enter the email address that you wish to use into the box asking for Your work email address

Click Sign Up

If you are happy with Zoom sending you a newsletter click Confirm, if not click on Set Preferences and change the setting accordingly.

Check your email account.  Zoom will send you an email ‘Please activate your Zoom account’.  Click on the blue button that says Activate Account.  This will take you to the Zoom homepage.

Sign in using your email details again and create a password (make a note of this as you’ll need it to sign in again).

That’s it!

You are all ready for your first zoom meeting.  Looking forward to seeing you there!



I will also be adding more resources to the choir member pages for those of you that want to have a go at learning some more new songs to sing when we can finally get back together again.  I will upload website content at the weekend, so please check back on a Monday to see what new material has been added.


How does the money bit work?

I have asked that all my singers pay for each half-term upfront where possible to help me with financial management and planning.  You can make payments directly to my bank or via paypal (please email me for bank details)- just click this link…

I know the online world doesn’t suit everybody and I will organise outdoor and indoor sessions as and when we are allowed.  I hope that we can get together in person really soon.  In the meantime, please give me a ring, email me, or text me if you have any questions or queries.